CGS is now SnapCloud IT

                                 Certified On-Site IT Solutions & Managed Services

Company Policy

Labor: All labor services are billed in half hour increments with a half hour minimum charge.

Messages: Please do not leave appointment requests on my answering machine or voice mail. There is no way to ensure that I will be available, all appointments need to be mutually arranged in advance.

On-Site Service: A resident of the dwelling & the owner of the computer being serviced must be present at all times during the appointment. This is for procedural and liability reasons.

Privacy: Your privacy is very important to us. Anything you have on your computer is not a concern to us. We honestly don't care about that stuff.  All personal information is kept strictly confidential.

Warranty: Our warranty policy is simple. If you request a receipt for the services performed, it will be signed and dated by the service technician. We warrant our labor services for 7 days. If after our service, the function, part, or program operates properly for one full week, then our work was done correctly.  Any new problems are not related to our work and must be addressed on a separate appointment at regular service pricing. Our warranty does not cover any parts purchased from an outside party. NO EXCEPTIONS TO ANYTHING IN THIS POLICY!

Distance: If your location is more than 15 miles away from my base of operations in South Minneapolis there is a charge of .50 cents per mile driven to cover the time and cost of travel.  If you are within the twin cities metro area which is usually less than 15 miles from our location, this charge would not apply.